Tackling the climate crisis

We’re investing in renewable energy technologies, from wind and solar farms to fusion power, to help limit global warming and protect our world for future generations.

Woman with her child indoors

Sustainable heating for social housing

In partnership with HeatRHight, we’re helping the social housing sector to become more sustainable while saving tenants money on their utility bills
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Our roadmap to Net Zero

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Funding more powerful solar

Field of solar panels

Building an inclusive society through our sustainability strategy

How corporate social responsibility drives sustainability

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Rebuilding the economy through our fight against climate change

Our 2020 Climate Report shows how tackling climate change can be the foundation of economic recovery

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Wind turbines on hill against blue sky

Five reasons we’re investing in clean energy

To support our future, we need to play a role in building a cleaner, greener society

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Real estate roadmap to net zero

How our real estate portfolio will achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050

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Electric car charging

Building a battery-powered world

Battery technology will be a key ingredient of the switch to a low-carbon economy

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Worker looking at offshore wind farm

Why ambition is crucial to tackling the climate crisis

LGIM’s 2020 Climate Impact Pledge will hold even more companies to account

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Sustainability and inclusive capitalism: the meeting point

How we’ve aligned our key focus areas with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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Charging towards a greener future?

Offshore windfarm

Generating clean power for future cities

We're investing in an energy system that can sustainably accommodate the needs of our society

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Saving our world for future generations