Our Purpose

We aim to build a better society, while improving the lives of our customers and creating value for shareholders. To do this we’re investing in long-term assets that benefit everyone, from housing to renewable energy – we call it inclusive capitalism.

We’re investing capital to build a better society

Travel to our city

We’re reshaping Britain’s towns and cities. We use the power of partnerships to create sustainable communities, applying our capabilities across real estate, housing, clean energy and infrastructure, all enabled by technology.

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£22 billion

has been invested by Legal & General into direct investments such as homes, urban regeneration, clean energy and small business finance

Rethinking retirement

Life expectancy is increasing and while that is something to celebrate it also presents challenges. There are 1.2 million chronically lonely older people in England alone and more homes are needed that are designed for later living. That’s why we’re investing in revolutionary later-living communities.

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Generating clean power for future cities

In the next 10 years we will transform our cities in response to the challenges and risks of climate change. As a collective, we have an integral role to play in helping our cities and communities adapt to these changing dynamics. At Legal & General our focus is to invest in an energy system that can sustainably accommodate the needs of our society.

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Investing in a better world

We aim to improve investment returns for individual investors and the pension funds that most of us pay into by taking into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. That includes things like climate change, human rights and boardroom pay.

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Later Living

Living better in later life

We're working with the University of Edinburgh to set up the Advanced Care Research Centre, which will develop ways to help us live full lives as we get older.

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Investing in the future of Newcastle

We've been working with Newcastle City Council and Newcastle University to build
24-acre development in the heart of the city that will be a centre of world-leading research and technological advances.

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