Harnessing technology

From building the data centres that keep businesses connected to supporting our customers with our fast and efficient systems, we’re investing in technology to build a better future for everyone.

People holding tablets showing data and graphs

Can data prevent the next health crisis?

Finding solutions that use data to identify, respond to and recover from healthcare emergencies
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Elderly woman with young nurse using technology

How tech is changing the way we care

Technology is becoming the foundation of a more personalised care ecosystem

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Woman looking at phone

Connecting cities for the future

How one company is helping to make our buildings smarter and more connected

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Fusion energy: the answer to our power needs?

Healthy older woman exercising

Investing in tech to help us age better

We’re investing in technology that encourages healthy ageing

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Female scientist

Investing in innovation to boost the UK economy

A report from Bruntwood SciTech reveals how investment today will drive cities forward tomorrow

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Alderley Park, part of Bruntwood SciTech

How an investment for tomorrow is helping tackle Covid-19 today

Our Bruntwood partnership has created innovation hubs helping in the fight against Covid-19

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Man sitting with dog, using smartphone

Driving inclusivity through digital transformation

The digital transformation is improving access to services and building a more equal society

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Mother, son and daughter having fun with tablet

Shaping a happy and healthy financial future

Our partnership with Salary Finance helps people take control of their finances

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